The Killer Whale was designed to give the user a full length handle, and a full length blade, without sacrificing carry-ability. The finger holes allow the user to grab over the blade instead of behind it providing not only a compact size, but a well balanced feel in the hand. These knives are D2 high carbon steel (unless otherwise specified). The finger holes are ring size 13.5, or about 0.88 inches (22.6 mm) in diameter. If this size is too small, I make adjustments for free. If the knife arrives to you and we then find it is too small, I will cover shipping both ways and fix it for free. All knives come with a Kydex sheath, and are shipped in a pelican case. The sheath is a screw design so the retention can be tuned by the owner, and to allow for easy cleaning and large Tek Lok compatibility.